Stop Polluting,

Start Saving!


1. Why isn’t this invention known throughout the whole world?
Not all inventions have success. An invention could remain in a sleeping status for a period that could go from 10 years to half century, until it finds the suitable conditions. Anyway, the more revolutionary an invention is the more difficulties the same will meet before being accepted by the market and this because of RESISTANCE OF THE EXISTING TECNOLOGY GROUP TIED TO THE DONE INVESTMENTS!! Resistance towards drastic changing innovations is as strong as the investment done and of the “mass” product it is. From: “IL SOLE 24 ORE” sic.
2. Why should I need this product?
Because saving money and polluting less, without having to leave my car in garage, is an INTELLIGENT thing to do!!
3. What does this product do?
Our “genius of the tank” optimises the combustion of vehicles recovering that part of fuel that usually remained un-burnt, (uncombusted hydrocarbons) now burning it and therefore transforming it in…more kilometres!!
4. How does it work?
Our “genius of the tank” weakens the inter-molecular bond of the atoms which form the molecules H and C (hydrocarbons), of which fuel is composed of, giving the possibility of a bigger and better passage of the oxygen (comburent) which as consequence gives a better and more complete combustion. Therefore, what used to come out uncombusted under form of gas (H C ppm) is now combusted and gives more kilometres and LESS NEED of SERVICING!!
5. How much time does it need to start working?
Our “genius of the tank” starts working immediately after its adoption/ installation.
6. What kind of test could I do to prove its good functioning?
In order to have proof of its good functioning it is sufficient to have a gas emission measurement BEFORE its installation and TWO gas emission measurements AFTER its installation, following the instructions contained in each packaging.
7. Which other methods could I use to quantify my savings?
Point out an immediate fuel saving is impossible because of a series of uncontrollable external and internal variables which are present during driving such as: wind, rain, speed, type of road, load, driving style etc.. This is why it is stated that: ” through my gas emission I could know my fuel consumptions” as it is confirmed through the normative CEE 93/116. This normative in fact contains a formula through which it is possible to visualise fuel consumptions through gas emissions.
8. On what kind of fuel does it work?
Our “genius of the tank” works on all hydrocarbon combusted vehicles, therefore vehicles using fuel and/or diesel.
9. Is it approved by the Insurance Companies?
Insurance companies can nor approve it, neither disapprove it, since its installation doesn’t interfere with the mechanic, hydraulic or electric system of the vehicle. For this reason they cannot express their opinion at its regard.
10. Could its use influence the warrantee of the vehicle?
The use of our “genius of the tank” cannot compromise the warrantee of the vehicle because its installation doesn’t forecast any modification to the original mechanic, hydraulic or electric system of the same vehicle.
11. How long does it realistically last ?
Our “genius of the tank” is guaranteed for 5 years but realistically its function is endless.
12. Why don’t Car Manufactures install it?
Car Manufacturers have always studied the engineering of the ENGINE and they have never turned their attention towards FUEL!! Our “genius of the tank” works INSIDE THE FUEL TANK and therefore it is a after-market product. It has no connection with the other parts of the vehicle and is, furthermore, transferable!! We think that no Car Manufacturer could be interested in adopting a product which extends vehicle’s life and reduces its servicing!!
13. Why does this product work, while the others don’t?
The difference between our “genius of the tank” and the others…is that our “genius of the tank” works directly inside the source (that is inside the fuel tank) therefore it treats the whole quantity of fuel contained inside the fuel tank; the others instead work only and exclusively on the flow of the fuel therefore they manage to treat the fuel flowing from the fuel tank to the combustion chamber, only in minimum part (especially at high gears this means when the flow of fuel is faster).
14. What is the time requested for cost recovery?
This obviously depends on the use of the same vehicle. More mileage shortens the time for cost recovery.
15. Once it is installed, does it have an immediate effect?
Its effects are immediate while instead the visibility of these effects will depend on the stage of the carbonious wastes present along the expulsion circuit. It is very important to underline, at this propose, that at the beginning there could be an abnormal increase of the gas emission soon after the installation of our “genius of the tank”. This phenomena has been called “chimney-sweeper effect”, in fact, our “genius of the tank” also works as a chimney sweeper, cleaning the whole carburettor and expulsion circuit freeing it from all those carbonious wastes that, through time, have settled along the same circuit (the duration of this phenomena cannot be established in advance but it will depend on the quantity of wastes accumulated)
16. Who installs it?
Installation is very simple and it could be done by you yourself or by a mechanic. Time requested is maximum 20-30 minutes.
17. Is it a referenced product?
In its category, our “genius of the tank” is, the most referenced product of the world!! Governments (Chile, Mexico, Moldavia), Independent Laboratories (TÜV – Germany, MOSAVTOPROGRESS – Russia, RAR – Romania) Italian and Foreign Big USERS (ARCESE, AMAT, BARILLA, COCA-COLA, TAXI Samarcanda) and tens of thousands of private users have confirmed its positive performances.
18. Could it damage my vehicle?
The use of our “genius of the tank” may in no way damage the vehicle because it has no connection with the mechanic, hydraulic or electric system of the vehicle.
19. Could it damage the fuel tank of my vehicle?
The use of our “genius of the tank” may in no way damage the fuel tank of the vehicle because it is simply hooked inside and it has a very light weight. Furthermore, as we all know, a solid dived inside a liquid will slow down its movement speed, therefore no damage to the fuel tank could be given.
20. Does it need servicing?
Our “genius of the tank” doesn’t need any servicing.
21. Does the installation forecast modifications to the system or asset of my vehicle?
The adoption and use of our “genius of the tank” doesn’t forecast any connection or modification to the system of the vehicle in fact it is installed directly inside the fuel tank.
22. If I want to purchase it, whom should I refer to?
Visit our website at the page “where we are” to know the closest reseller to you.
23. In which vehicles could it be installed?
Our “genius of the tank” could be used on all those vehicles (four and two wheels) having hydrocarbon combustion.
24. How many available sizes are there?
Our “genius of the tank” is supplied in five models (Mod. A – B – C – D-E) which differ according to the fuel tank capacity of the vehicle (visit our website at page “the product”)