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The Product

About The Product

SUPERTECH@: is a combustion optimizer whose main effects are:

  • Fuel saving (up to 12%)
  • Gas emission reduction (up to 80%)
  • Reduction of maintenance costs

Our product represents one of the very few solutions to the desired REDUCTION of gas emissions coming from hydrocarbon traction vehicles.

ALL OUR fuel consumption tests, on road, were done in accordance with the INTERNATIONAL PROTOCOL: SAE J1321 www.sae.org Society of Automotive Engineers

Made in ITALY

Supertech® is a solid immersion device which functions inside the fuel tank of vehicles with hydrocarbon-driven engines (petrol or diesel). There are five models of different size, providing a capability range for fuel tank capacity of up to 800 litres. Model A is the smallest with capability up to 40 litres fuel tank capacity. Model E is the largest with capability up to 800 litres fuel tank capacity. While the diameter of the five different models remains the same, the length changes:


  • Mod. A : length 80mm; fuel tank capacity up to 40 litres; Ø 30mm; weight: 90 gr.
  • Mod. B : length 120mm; fuel tank capacity up to 70 litres; Ø 30mm; weight: 120 gr.
  • Mod. C : length 160mm ;fuel tank capacity up to 150 litres; Ø 30mm; weight: 164 gr.
  • Mod. D : length 240mm; fuel tank capacity up to 350 litres; Ø 30mm; weight: 210 gr.
  • Mod. E : length 320mm; fuel tank capacity up to 800 litres; Ø 30mm; weight: 312 gr.