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Government Institutes

Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENA

One of our most recent reference……The Colombian Government , through the Institute of Research and Technologic Development for Innovation at CTT (Technologic Center for transportation)  has carried out a consumption test on our “genius” following the Protocol SAE J1349 (constant speed on dynamometric roll-bench) obtaining a result of  15,25%!!
Positive and irrefutable result!
Once again our “genius” exceeds expectations!

Government of MONGOLIA

Tests done by the Government of MONGOLIA, within the Project ” Depollution of Urban Areas”. This document presents AMAZING /SENSATIONAL RESULTS  regarding the reduction of gas emissions;

 in particular almost 100% of CO reduction, leads to an IMPROVED COMBUSTION!

In fact, normally,  CO is the first gas that comes out, from combustion!

Also the reduction of un-combusted Hydrocarbons (HC) have been considerable, 91%!!!

The reduction of CO2 has been faked, since the gas analyzer’s probe has been put behind the catalytic converter which is a “post-combuster”



RAR Reference

RAR is the Rumanian Register Engine, a corporation authorised by the government to control the validity of products within AUTOMOTIVE market.
The test report shows positive results both on road and in laboratory, both on gas emissions and on fuel consumptions;

The road test regarding fuel consumptions was brought ahead comparing the results, in terms of km/litres, of two similar vehicles which were made run together on the same path for about 1.500 km, eliminating all uncontrollable variables. The only uncontrollable variable still existing was “drivers’ driving style”. Therefore in order to eliminate this further uncontrollable variable the drivers were switched from one vehicle to the other, every 50 km within the test mileage.

It is important to evidence the absolute reliability of such test, that eliminates the uncontrollable variables which influence the fuel consumptions of all hydrocarbon traction vehicles.



The Mongolian Institute of Metrology

After having tested Super Tech, the Mongolian Institute of Metrology has authorised its sale on the same territory of Mongolia.



After six months of testing on road, both the Environmental Ministry of the State of Guanajuato (www.guanajuato.gob.mx) and the State of Aquascalients have confirmed an average gas emission reduction equal to 50% .

The tests have, obviously, been done under the direct control of the Government of the mentioned States.



Another reference obtained, following the Touriel Test Protocol (Sae j1321) in China, by the Institute of Product Quality, Supervision and Inspection.
The result:

A fuel saving between 12,49% and 13,06%


Government of Chile
site web: http://www.mtt.gob.cl/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/N3-28-05-01-Dispositivo-Cilindrico-de-Inmersion-Super-Tech.pdf


IBAMA – Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente (Brasil)

The present Certification demonstrates that our “Genius”, doesn’t need any sort of authorization to be used, since it doesn’t modify the configuration of the same engine. Furthermore it may be used on whatever kind of vehicle including those vehicles still under Car -Producer’s warranty